3 Reasons Your Business Needs to be on Twitter

There is absolutely no reason your business is not participating on Twitter.  I hear businesspeople say things like this all the time:  “I have no idea why we would need to be on Twitter.”  “I want to get on Facebook, that’s where my customers are.”  “We don’t need a Twitter presence yet.”

Any business that cares about reaching potential customers that they wouldn’t otherwise meet (and get valuable feedback from them about what’s working and what isn’t) should be on Twitter.

If you are trying to make the case for Twitter, here are three reasons you can share:

  1. Your customers are there.
  2. They may not be talking about you specifically, but they are most definitely at least talking about what you do.
  3. The most influential online consumers are on Twitter

The first two are pretty standard.  Anyone that you ask that knows a bit about social media will say those two things.  The third reason is, as I see it, the primary reason you should be concerned with your Twitter presence.  It’s also something that I hadn’t seen quantified until reading Brian Solis’ blog post The Most Influential Consumers Online are on Twitter.

There is some incredible data in here.  For example, 33% of Twitter users share opinions about brands or services at least once a week.  (Wow!)  It also holds true in my personal experience – the people that are early adopters of Twitter tend to be early adopters of other tech stuff.  The “mavens” (people that start word of mouth epidemics) that Malcom Gladwell talks about in The Tipping Point are definitely on Twitter.  Using Twitter to reach people is like getting access to a large list of people that will actually talk about you and your brand.  That seems a whole lot better than blasting 10,000 people with information, whether it’s an email or direct mail marketing campaign, and hoping that 100 talk about you.

Having access to these influential people is marketing platinum (like gold, but tougher and better!).  Don’t miss out on access to these influential people because you are unwilling to learn some new tricks.

The party has started.  Join the conversation.  There are empty chairs waiting for you.  Don’t miss out.

image via flickr/ktylerconk

Does your business use Twitter yet? Do you care about reaching influencers?