Content Rules Mindmapped Notes

What a great #BTVSMB!  (That’s Burlington Social Media Breakfast, a series of meet-ups for the social-minded Burlington, Vermont peeps, for those of you that aren’t in Burlington or weren’t otherwise aware).

Ann Handley and CC Chapman, authors of Content Rules (check out the affiliate link at the bottom of this page to purchase the book if you aren’t getting one for free for attending BTVSMB!). [pullquote]Content Rules is the best book that I have found that answers the question “What do I blog about?” [/pullquote] ]Content Rules is the best book that I have found that answers the question “What do I blog about?”(if you haven’t heard that question yet, you will soon, and now you know what to do to help them out – point them in the direction of Content Rules.

I love how accessible, informative and insightful Content Rules is (you can really hand it to anyone to help them understand how to create great content for their business).  It really isn’t a surprise that Ann and CC would be accessible, informative and insightful as well, but it was still cool to meet them and find that they were.

I had the chance to talk to them afterward, and they were both kind, warm, and appreciative.  Thanks guys!

I thought that the presentation was solid.  They touched on the main points of the book.  The presentation was really the tip of the iceberg though, so if you went to the talk today and still have questions about how you can improve your content (or how on earth to get started with creating content for your biz) I strongly suggest picking up the book.  They go into great detail about each of the rules, provide examples, and give real-life accounts and success stories.

I took mindmapped notes on their presentation and the ensuing Q & A, and am posting them here for your use and enjoyment.  My comments are, as always, in orange (as I am a ginger and it makes it easy to remember), CC’s parts are in blue, Ann’s in green, and audience questions in red.  Click on the thumbnail below twice to view the full-sized notes in your browser:

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What did you think of the talk today?  Have you read Content Rules?  Used it to improve your content?