Misery Loves Company – A Big Idea in The Little ‘Noosk

When was the last time you had a killer meal?  How about the last time you had a killer dinner at a breakfast joint that closes at 3 pm every day?  Last night I had the pleasure of going to Misery Loves Co’s Onion City Supper -(check out Misery Loves Co. on Facebook  or read about them on their website) and loved the food, the community vibe, the atmosphere, and their big idea.

So what is their big idea?  – They are a catering biz that was, for a bit, doing barbeque delivery on Fridays (it was reportedly delicious) while they are looking for a space to open their own restaurant.  As they haven’t yet found a suitable space, they presumably got creative – and are hosting “Onion City Suppers” at a restaurant (this week was at Sneakers) which would otherwise be closed.  In addition to this they are having Dirty Bird nights at The Monkey Bar, cooking up fried chicken and hot wings every Wednesday.  I love the idea of sharing the space and utilizing resources that would otherwise be unused.  It is creative, innovative, smart, and friendly – classic Vermont. [pullquote]I love the idea of sharing the space and collaborating to utilize resources that would otherwise be unused.  It is creative, innovative, smart, and friendly – classic Vermont.[/pullquote]  Plus, it allows Misery Loves Co. to build a clientele before they open.  But none of that would matter if the food was just average.  Thankfully it is anything but average.

Our meal was awesome, not a missed dish in the bunch.  There are a la carte options, the menu gets set the day of the supper and changes every week, and provides an opportunity to try new things.  We had the Pork Schnitzel, Fried Chicken, Poc Choi, and Pig Tail.  Yep, you read that right, pig tail.  It was delicious!  I don’t remember all ingredients, but there was cilantro, fresh chili, peanuts, something citrusy and sweet.  And, for dessert, we went for it and got fresh donuts.  All told it was about $70, but totally worth every penny.  Everything was awesome.  The fried chicken was about the best I have ever tasted, the poc choi (I think this is fancy-speak for baby bok choy, either way, it’s chinese cabbage) had some spicy almonds mixed in, and the schnitzel was also perfect.  We also could have gotten one less dinner item and been totally satisfied.  We both had espressos too.

This postcard was attached to our check - it's all in the details!

It was definitely not your average experience.  Know that going in and you’ll be fine.  (Our server didn’t know a ton about the dishes, and it took a bit of time to get our dishes and one came out way later than another, things that might have been annoying at a regular restaurant -at least to me- were tolerable here, as it almost added to the atmosphere).  Laura came out and talked to us a bit about the Noosk and just introduced herself – which added to the community.  She gave us a bit of backstory about the place (they aren’t doing the delivery any more, they are focusing on catering and doing these events at Sneakers) and mentioned that she had “seen me on Facebook a lot.”  Which I was like, yep, that’s me, and then, after, realized she probably just thinks I waste my time on FB!  Kasey and I laughed about this afterwards, she said next time I should speak up and explain things a bit.  It really just added to the good times.

I had fun sitting in the Sneakers window and watching people walk by (to get Tiny Thai) and stop in their tracks – “WHOA!  Why is Sneakers open?  Is it some sort of special hipster party?”  Nope, It’s the Onion City Supper, and you should check it out (and it’s more than just a hipster party, more like a foodie bash).  Be sure to bring cash, as the dinners are cash-only (there are ATMs close by in the Noosk if you forget, I did) and come early, as it’s first-come first-serve, and you don’t want to miss out.

I support big ideas whenever I see them, and collaborative restaurant sharing is a big idea.