It’s the End of The Growth as We Know it…

But I am not sure that I feel fine.  Why not?  Well, read on and find out. When people talk about what books they are reading, I listen.  If I hear more than one person mention a book, I figure that it’s something I need to read.  When I hear more than one person that…Continue Reading

Mindmaps Make Great Content

Mindmapping is a fantastic way to take notes – and a great way to generate content.  I was introduced to the method of note taking by a Professor at Antioch University of New England, and, as a “visual” learner, I was immediately interested in it as a method to keep orderly notes that would actually…Continue Reading

Apple’s Big New Announcement – Tweet This!

Apple announced a bunch of new features and operating system stuff today.  You can read about all the changes to iOS5 over at the Apple site.  Amongst all the changes to the iPhone Operating System which were announced today at the Apple Keynote for iOS5, the big one, from the social media perspective, is the…Continue Reading

Content Rules Mindmapped Notes

What a great #BTVSMB!  (That’s Burlington Social Media Breakfast, a series of meet-ups for the social-minded Burlington, Vermont peeps, for those of you that aren’t in Burlington or weren’t otherwise aware). Ann Handley and CC Chapman, authors of Content Rules (check out the affiliate link at the bottom of this page to purchase the book…Continue Reading

VBSR Spring Conference Mindmapped Notes

I had the pleasure of attending the Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility 2011 Spring Conference today at the beautiful Davis Center on UVM’s Main Campus. Good Stuff Communications is a proud member of VBSR. I am always grateful I live in Vermont when I head to a VBSR event. Vermont has an amazing community of…Continue Reading

Crowdsourcing Delivery – An Innovative Solution

I am always on the lookout to innovative solutions to common problems that businesses face.  I love seeing entrepreneurs come up with ideas that solve a business challenge, and then implement.  I came across this innovative solution to a supply chain challenge that many small businesses face – and I think it’s worth sharing.  The…Continue Reading

BTVSMB – Community Management

Another #BTVSMB (or, for the newcomer, Burlington Vermont Social Media Breakfast), another great set of speakers (“Community Managers” Sara Steele Rogers of Boloco and Anthony Quintano of NBC News), and another mindmap.  Just your average rainy April Tuesday morning in Burlington.  I love that this is my first post after finishing up my Green MBA…Continue Reading

The Home Stretch

I haven’t posted much lately – and there is good reason for it! I am in the home stretch – finishing my MBA in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability  (or, if you like shorter terminology, my Green MBA) at Antioch University New England. I am wrapping up my practicum project, which was learning to design and…Continue Reading

10 Hidden Rules of Social Media

10 Hidden Rules of Social Media.  I am giving a presentation on this tonight at the Burlington, VT gathering of Antioch University of New England alumni.  It was a relatively challenging group to plan a talk on social media for, as it’s a pretty diverse group.  I decided to focus on “Hidden Rules” because it…Continue Reading