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Burlington-Vermont-Social-Media-Breakfast-BTVSMB-LogoI attended the “BTVSMB”  (otherwise known as the Burlington Vermont Social Media Breakfast) this morning.  (Check out the BTVSMB Facebook Page for pics, and more info on the group!)

Morgan Johnston from Jetblue (@morganjohnston) and Bill Gerth from Comcast (@comcastbill) visited Burlington to talk about their work.  The theme of the discussion (actually, it was more of a lecture than a discussion, as there was time for only a handful of questions from the crowd) was “Social Media and Customer Service.”

Most of the information shared was basic customer service “golden rule” stuff, but one thing that Bill shared really resonated with me.

Comcast is using video to provide tech support (actually, they are using Apple’s FaceTime). For example, they will connect on FaceTime and have customers show the back of their routers and the cords that they are trying to plug in to help them get sorted out.  That’s just killer.  I hadn’t thought of doing that, nor have I heard of other people doing that.  If you provide any sort of telephone tech support, this is a great idea.  Very cool.

My full mindmap of Bill and Morgan’s talk is below.  Things that I thought were key takeaways for me are highlighted in green.  Bill’s talk is in orange, and Morgan’s, of course, is in Blue.  Click on the pic to see a bigger version, or download the pdf using the link below the pic!

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Burlington Social Media Breakfast (Download PDF)

What did you think?  What were your key takeaways?