Sustainable Social Media Presentation

I have been hard at work on a Sustainable Social Media presentation for my Green MBA cohort at Antioch, and am pleased to share the final product here! The presentation is geared towards people that do not have a ton of social media background. There will be some people in my cohort for which some of the tips are second nature by now, but I think that I have some good content in here for everyone.

I also want to put a plug in for, it’s a great site that allows you to upload your presentation and get feedback from other users. I have uploaded the presentation over there which allows me to embed it on this site. Great tool.

In the preparation for this, I also learned a lot more about Keynote. Keynote is simply amazing, it is the best thing that I have yet to discover on a Mac that I didn’t really know about before. It blows power point out of the water.

in searching for some tips on displaying content, I came across a book I am definitely going to pick up and read, Presentation Zen. Next on my list.

Check the presentation out and let me know what you think. Also, do you have any presentation tips to share?